Who are we?

We are The Lost Ones, a 2-day/week raiding guild consisting of a fun, mature and dedicated bunch of players - located on Ravencrest, the best PvE Server available to the Alliance. We put heavy emphasis on efficiency and quality during our limited raiding schedule, as we have to squeeze in progression and reclears in only 6 hours of raid time. Despite the rocky start due to this being our first raid tier as a Guild, we managed to finish as one of the finest 2-day raiding guilds on our server, and within the top 1000 on a global scale. We focus on maintaining a competitive, focused and fun raid environment, and we spend a lot of time together outside of raids playing other games together or simply bantering.

Raiding Hours

● Wednesday 18.45 - 22.00
● Monday 18.45 - 22.00

What are we looking for in our raiders?

We expect our raiders to be both able to and willing to communicate verbally in English during raids. Being able use constructive criticism to improve is a necessity, as we want to help our raiders reach their fullest potential. We always review our applicants on a case-to-case basis, although competitive logs or relevant Mythic raiding experiences from current/previous tiers is a necessity. We encourage any exceptional player to apply, as we are more interested in the player behind the class than the class itself. That being said, there are naturally some classes that have a higher chance of making it to trial than others, classes of which are listed above.

What can we offer our raiders as a Guild?

As a Guild, we can offer a social, fun and competitive environment to all of our applicants. While we maintain focused during raid hours, we often find ourselves sitting in Discord outside of raid hours, running through Heroics, Mythic Keystones, or simply playing other games together. We're a social bunch, who can offer our raiders a community of which put heavy emphasis upon social interaction with one another - to form a place of which you will feel home. We laugh, we banter, we meme - but most importantly, we enjoy the time we spend together.

Required Addons, Enchantments and Consumables:

In order to maximize our potential as a raiding guild, we hold our raiders to certain expectations in terms of raid preparations, such as bringing the right addons, the best enchants and the best available consumables. The guild provides you with food, but beyond that you need to supply yourself with the necessary consumables; healing tonics, flasks, battle-potions, vantus runes and augment runes. Flasks and potions should be used every try, while vantus runes and augment runes are used when called upon by the raid leader.

Required Addons:
  • WeakAuras2 - An addon that provides us with the ability to create custom made addons for raid utility on specific fights.
  • AngryAssignments - Provides us with an easy way of conveying information to all of our raiders in text form.
  • Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs - Standard Boss Mods addon.